Definitions for "SCROLLS"
Long sheets of papyrus, parchment, or paper rolled for storage.
Long sheets of paper, papyrus or parchment that can be rolled for storage.
A roll of parchment, papyrus, or paper which has been written upon
Also known as "Butterfly" clasps, they are a component used in earrings. They attach the earring to the ear by being slid down the post that pierces the ear.
See - Butterflies.
Scrolls (curls) are the supportive and decorative members shaped like a scroll or curl which are connected to posts, rails, and each other on many brass (especially traditional) headboards and footboards. Scrolls can either be solid or made from hollow tubing.
The scroll ability determines one's ability at deciphering and preservation of ancient scrolls. It also signifies ones level at deciphering and restoring scrolls. An excellent skill for scholars, the scroll ability can also be used with the magic skill and enchantment skill for those that seek creating scrolls with magical properties.
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A pair of scrolls or books tied together with a fillet is one of the Eight Precious Objects and a symbol of good fortune. They symbolize learning.