Definitions for "Papyrus "
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A tall rushlike plant (Cyperus Papyrus) of the Sedge family, formerly growing in Egypt, and now found in Abyssinia, Syria, Sicily, etc. The stem is triangular and about an inch thick.
The material upon which the ancient Egyptians wrote. It was formed by cutting the stem of the plant into thin longitudinal slices, which were gummed together and pressed.
A manuscript written on papyrus; esp., pl., written scrolls made of papyrus; as, the papyri of Egypt or Herculaneum.
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Papyrus is a XML-based reporting langauge for PostgreSQL and MySQL. It allows you to generate well-formatted reports in LaTeX, PDF, PostScript, HTML, ANSI, and XML. The XML is expressed in a formatting-oriented style to allow you to develop a wide range of reports. SQL is then embedded into the report to give you the desired data.
Papyrus automatically generates network documentation for Windows environments. It is written in VB.Net and we start out with AD/File/Print. Data is collected and stored in XML before it's transformed to PDF through XSL-FO.
Papyrus (1920-1941) was a British Thoroughbred racehorse. Out of the mare Miss Matty, he was sired by Tracery whose sire was Rock Sand.
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Parian Ware Pate-sur-pate
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a document written on papyrus