Definitions for "Screened"
or Screened-on - Process of applying a heat-cured, rubberized vinyl material used for striping and/or numbering of jerseys. Manufacturer's use a variety of proprietary names such as "RussCote" (Russell Athletic) and "Vi-Screen" (Wilson Sporting Goods Co.). This term is also sometimes used, though inaccurately, for the process of applying heat-transferred pre-cut vinyl lettering onto nameplates.
Keywords:  pentode, anode, grid, valves, radio
A term used to describe a radio valve (or tube) where the screen grid is arranged so as to give the maximum screening between the anode and the control grid. Commonly used in reference to pentode radio valves (or tubes).
Made in to a dot pattern, of graded density for a halftone in printing photos, and of uniform density for a solid area in printing lighter tones of a given ink color.
Separation of feeds into various size portions by passing them over or through screens.