Definitions for "Rule of thumb"
a rule about the performing of an action that is based on practical experience rather than theoretical or scientific knowledge. Any way of doing something that works, whether it is technically "correct" or not.
a mathematical relationship between or among variables based on experience, observation, hearsay, or a combination of these, usually applicable to a specific industry.
a homemade recipe for making a guess
a rule or principle that provides guidance to appropriate behavior
a basic rule that is usually but not always correct A thumb can be used as a rough measurement tool
A rule which permits the exclusion of aberrantly high temperatures when calculating the coverline. Temperatures eliminated with this rule differ from disturbances in that there is no obvious reason for them to be outside the norm. Disturbed temperatures are eliminated based on conditions which cause the temperature to be skewed, such as late or early rising, sickness, etc. A temperature where the Rule of Thumb has been applied is easily identified in the Chart by the hand and thumb icon which obscures it.
Some pragmatic ratio used in cost estimating to arrive at some estimate of cost such as contingency, overhead or other level of effort activity, etc. [D03564] RMW
A common or ubiquitous benchmark. For example, it is often assumed that each worker in an office will need approximately 250 square feet of space.
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a 'one degree split' between sides with a right side bias
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a contribution of
a maximum of eight assessments per person
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an amount of