Definitions for "rubber band"
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A closed loop of rubber usually having a thin rectangular cross-section; also called elastic band; -- it varies in length from the circumference of a finger to several inches, and is usually used to hold several objects together temporarily, by the tension exerted when the band is stretched and fitted around the objects to be held; as, to hold a pack of cards together with a rubber band.
a narrow band of elastic rubber used to hold things (such as papers) together
a narrow, circular, elastic band of rubber used for holding things together
Unpleasant sulfurous flavor. Like "burnt match," it may blow off with time in the glass but indicates the likelihood of excessive sulfuring by the wine maker. Also typical of some French-hybrid reds made in Eastern U.S. wineries.
a line in the Insight II graphics area connecting the previously drawn atom with the cursor's location, which serves as a visual aid during sketching
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an easy guideline
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a good idea but around my house I have no idea where any are