Definitions for "Rove"
To practice robbery on the seas; to wander about on the seas in piracy.
Hence, to wander; to ramble; to rauge; to go, move, or pass without certain direction in any manner, by sailing, walking, riding, flying, or otherwise.
To shoot at rovers; hence, to shoot at an angle of elevation, not at point-blank (rovers usually being beyond the point-blank range).
To draw through an eye or aperture.
To draw out into flakes; to card, as wool.
To twist slightly; to bring together, as slivers of wool or cotton, and twist slightly before spinning.
Keywords:  provencal, fragrant, goat, breed, wild
Breed of goat; also small round of Provencal soft goat's cheese, fragrant with wild herbs.
Keywords:  clinched, washer, nail, boat, copper
A copper washer upon which the end of a nail is clinched in boat building.
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Keywords:  plow, furrows, ridges, turning, earth
To plow into ridges by turning the earth of two furrows together.
Keywords:  barbecue, wrong, miss, arm, right
a right arm gone wrong, that should miss the next barbecue