Definitions for "Rondel"
Same as Rondeau.
Specifically, a particular form of rondeau containing fourteen lines in two rhymes, the refrain being a repetition of the first and second lines as the seventh and eighth, and again as the thirteenth and fourteenth.
A type of rondeau based on the poetic style of ten or thirteen lines with only two rhymes and the opening words used twice as a refrain.
A small disc of metal intended for defense. They are commonly found at the armpit (prior to 1350) when they are known as besagews; on a backs of armets (for an unknown reason) and rarely on the metacarpal of 15th century Italian mitten gauntlets.
Metal disk on the rear of an armet to protect the strap for the wrapper
A rondel (pronounced or ) or roundel was a type of stiff-bladed dagger in Europe in the late Middle Ages (from the 14th century onwards), used by a variety of people from merchants to knights. It was worn at the waist and might be used as a utility tool, or worn into battle or a jousting tournament as a side-arm. The blade was typically long and slim, measuring 12 inches (30 cm) or more; the whole dagger might be as long as 20 inches (50 cm).
A small, circular window.
crescent-shaped, circular or halo shaped headdress.
A circular window or opening.
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A small round tower erected at the foot of a bastion.