Definitions for "Rif"
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Routing Information Field. Token-Ring header field used by a source routing bridge to determine through which segments it must send a packet.
Routing Information Field. Field in the IEEE 802.5 header that is used by a source-route bridge to determine through which Token Ring network segments a packet must transit. A RIF is made up of ring and bridge numbers as well as other information.
1. Ring Interface. A component of the Token-ring interface card that interconnects the serial data port of the TMS380C16 to the Token-ring interface card connector. 2. Routing Information Field. A field in the Token ring 802.5 header that is used by a source-route bridge to determine the path a packet must use when passing through a Token-ring network segment.
Retirement Income Fund. A RIF is a natural continuation of an RSP, providing the same tax deferral of principal and earnings, with one key difference. Unlike an RSP which permits contributions, a RIF requires that a minimum amount, based on age, be withdrawn each year.
Retirement Income Fund. RIFs allow holders of RSPs to continue to shelter their investments from taxation after they turn 69. An RIF is the same as an RSP, except you are required to make a minimum withdrawal amount each year.
A national program which encourages children to read for fun. This program is geared for 4th graders. Each student receives a book to keep at the end of each program.
Reading is Fundamental. The nation's largest and best-known non-profit literacy organization that ensures all children have access to books and the motivation to read them.
reduction in forces
Registrant Information Form. One of two forms ( See PIF) that must be submitted to register your emission reduction. This form asks for information about the person(s) that made the voluntary emission reduction.
Fractal Painter bitmap (filename extension).
Is a core rule language under development by Rule Interchange Format Working Group with extensions, which together allow rules to be translated between rule languages and thus transferred between rule systems.
Rate Increase Factor: This controls the amount by which the cell transmission rate may increase upon receipt of an RM-cell. The additive increase rate AIR=PCR*RIF. RIF is a power of 2, ranging from 1/32768 to 1.
For ABR, controls the rate at which cell transmission increases.
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Receptor Intake File
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Rail Industry Forum.
A Registration of Interest (RIF) is a form used to log interest in delivering activity, outlining a basic project idea, within Objective 1. RIF's are filled in as part of the Commissioning process.