Definitions for "Rhetorical"
Keywords:  reply, rebick, rethorical, juliet, judy
concerned with effect or style of writing and speaking; "a rhetorical question is one asked solely to produce an effect (especially to make an assertion) rather than to elicit a reply"
questions are intended to provoke thought rather than bring forth an answer. See, for example, Judy Rebick's rhetorical question in "The Culture of Overwork": "If working long hours makes us unhappy and unhealthy, why do we do it?" Rhetorical strategy or mode
adj. related to the use of the various devices of effective writing or speech; a rhetorical question is a question asked, not to evoke a reply, but to achieve rethorical emphasis stronger than a direct statement. Here is an example from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet. [Romeo and Juliet, II. ii. 43
of or relating to rhetoric; "accepted two or three verbal and rhetorical changes I suggested"- W.A.White; "the rhetorical sin of the meaningless variation"- Lewis Mumford
Of or pertaining to rhetoric; according to, or exhibiting, rhetoric; oratorical; as, the rhetorical art; a rhetorical treatise; a rhetorical flourish.