Definitions for "Revisionism"
the drastic reevaluation of an accepted theory or doctrine, or historical event or person. A revisionist historian for example, might offer a completely new view of a highly revered figure that shows him in a negative light, or vice versa. President John F. Kennedy and Sir Winston Churchill are two historical figures who have recently been subjected to revisionist treatment by historians.
Strictly, revisionism is the theory or practice of revising one's attitude to a previously accepted situation or point of view. In historical terms, it is usually applied to a new theory that upsets what has been commonly believed about an era, individual, event and so on. However, in recent years, the term has become somewhat tarnished by the campaigns by some to change the accepted views of certain events for ulterior motives. A prominent example of this is Holocaust denial.
the ideology of revolutionary Brazil. [From the title of Marianna Quente's book A necesidade de revisão
Right-wing form of Zionism with militant nationalist tendencies. Movement associated with Ze'ev Jabotinsky and his modern day followers like Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon.
in the context of explaining the Cold War, this refers to an interpretation that emphasises American expansionism as the source of the conflict. The actions of the USSR are seen as primarily defensive.
a moderate evolutionary form of Marxism
any dangerous departure from the teachings of Marx