Definitions for "Evolutionist"
A term used by Evangelical Christians to refer to over 99% of earth and biological scientists who use and support the theory of evolution in their professional work. The term is not used by scientists themselves.
This word is most commonly used by Creationists. People who study (or espouse) Evolution don't mind being called this. However, Evolution is about life forms. Many Creationists seem to apply this word to any branch of science that thinks the earth is old. Geology, physics and astronomy are often described this way, although none of these sciences care one way or the other about Darwin's theories. Scientists in those disciplines find it quite odd to be called Evolutionists. In fact, the old age of the earth was originally established (in the early 1800's) by scientists who were all Creationists.
Person who believes in the theory of evolution.
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a proponent of evolutionism
One who holds the doctrine of evolution, either in biology or in metaphysics.
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One skilled in evolutions.