Definitions for "Reverberatory Furnace"
Keywords:  hearth, furnace, slag, deflect, flame
Type of Coal fired furnace in which the flame and gases passes across the top of the enclosed hearth, heat being reflected down onto the hearth proper. The principle advantage of this type of furnace was that poor quality fuel could be used without the risk of contamination of the work piece. Puddling was one of the major process that required a Reverberatory Furnace.
A type of smelter where concentrates are melted, slag drawn off, and molten metal-bearing matte tapped for further processing.
A furnace with a shallow hearth, usually nonregenerative, having a roof that deflects the flame and radiates heat toward the hearth or the surface of the charge.
Keywords:  bricks, built, fire, low, structure
a long low structure built out of fire bricks