Definitions for "Restrictive Covenants"
These are obligations imposed in the deeds on the owner of freehold property.
Documents that impose limitations on the use and enjoyment of property. Covenants are “private” controls on land use. Through the use of such restrictions, developers are able to assure prospective purchasers of residential property that other lots in the community will be similarly limited in use. While covenants impose a burden on the ownership of the property, they also provide the benefit of enhancing the value of the land. Although land may be subject to “public” controls such as zoning regulations, not all land is subject to “private” restrictive covenants. The covenant passes with the title in perpetuity.
Restriction placed on a private owner's use of land by a nongovernmental entity or individual.
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(See "Restrictions.")
Restrictive endorsement Restructuring
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Part of the Bond Indenture which covers certain restrictions under which bonds can be pre-paid, are in default or other conditions which help monitor and control the health of the credit.
Provisions that place constraints on the operations of borrowers, such as restrictions on working capital, fixed assets, future borrowing, and payment of dividend.
Sales Agreement or Sales Contract Savings and Loan