Definitions for "Rentable Square Feet"
Keywords:  usable, lobbies, footage, tenant, rsf
The square footage used to determine a tenant's base rent. Often a landlord uses a "rubber ruler" to increase the size of the space.
The portion of a rental property that may be leased to tenants.
The amount of space that is used in calculating your rent payment. Usually the rentable square feet ("RSF") is larger than the actual space you occupy (USF or usable square feet) because of the addition of your proportionate share of the building service areas such as lobbies, corridors and other common areas in the building. In some cases this is an actual measured amount, and in some cases it is just a estimated amount. This difference between "Usable Square Feet" and Rentable Square Feet is called the "Add on Factor" or Loss Factor. It is important to know what the loss factor is in order to determine the efficiency of the space leased. A "Loss Factor" of 20% means that for every 100 square feet you pay rent on, only 80 square feet is actually contained within your space.