Definitions for "Remodel"
To refurbish, redesign, redecorate.
An activity designed to improve the value or desirability of a property through rebuilding, refurbishing, redecorating or adding on to it.
To model or fashion anew; to change the form of.
cast or model anew; "She had to recast her image to please the electorate in her home state"
Updating or altering the appearance and functional utility of a building.
to remake; to make over. Changing the appearance by removing original detail and altering spaces and installing new materials and forms.
a good time to update the mechanical ventilation system in a bathroom
Realign architectural form to function.
to change the appearance and functional utility of a building. This may include painting, repairing, and replacing of fixtures and equipment.
To modify or enlarge a retail store or department, i.e., expansion, new equipment, new sign package.
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do over, as of (part of) a house; "We are remodeling these rooms"
Applies to spaces that are created that do not exist in the original structure.