Definitions for "ReCast"
Keywords:  anew, cast, iago, throw, cannon
To throw again.
To mold anew; to cast anew; to throw into a new form or shape; to reconstruct; as, to recast cannon; to recast an argument or a play.
To compute, or cast up, a second time.
ReCast is an icecast2-compatible streaming server supporting MP3 and Ogg Vorbis streams out of the box. Logging can be enabled for any source and clients can request any time range o
Keywords:  dog, resent, send, handler, second
a second attempt to send the dog from the line.
To send a dog on a mark a second time. If a dog starts out to the mark and returns to the handler and is resent, he is said to be recast.
To extend an existing loan for at least its previous period, in order to reduce a borrowerâ€(tm)s payments.
To redesign an existing loan balance into a new loan for the same period or longer, to reduce payments and help a distressed borrower. Reconciliation - Determining the final estimate of value by weighing the results of the various approaches in an appraisal.
Repetition of a child's utterance with grammatical corrections.
Enter the number of years until the payment must be recalculated for the term of the loan.
The re-amortization of a loan when the interest changes or when a possible negative amortization loan re-adjusts so the loan will be paid off within the original term.