Definitions for "Release form"
Legal document stating that if someone reads a script the writer will not subsequently sue him for plagiarism. Usually required if a writer has no agent.
a document that says you waive any rights you may have to sue the company for plagiarism or other causes of action
A signed form allowing the performance, sale, publication, use or circulation of information or a creation. The conditions and future use of the information or creation must be clearly expressed and explained to the contributor prior to signing any release. This information should include copyright and trademark or other ownership rights (see also Consent form).
an agreement between the actors in the television production and the production group or individual that explains how the video footage can be used
A signed copyright release form is required when you wish to use copyrighted photos on your card.
a document which entitles the producers to use all material recorded for the purpose of the show, and more importantly gives them the right to edit the show as they see fit, or as their format sees fit
a permission slip that requires your signature and your parent/guardian's signature
A computer-generated form, advising of a train bulletin number and the number of train messages it must contain. Its address must correspond to the associated train bulletin.