Definitions for "Ray tracing"
Rendering algorithm; the light is divided in single rays, each with a different behaviour depending on the surface it will hurt. It takes care of many physical laws such as refraction, reflection, etc. It is very realistic but it requires much power in processing.
A procedure used in the graphical determination of the path followed by a ray of radiated energy as it travels through the atmosphere. Ray tracing is used to determine the extent to which a radar's radiation pattern may vary from its standard pattern, based upon the atmospheric model used for the radar. Ray tracings are commonly graphed to illustrate radiation paths.
A rendering technique, based on complex mathematical algorithms, to accurately represent any conceivable representation of light, including reflections and refractions as well as any conceivable surface forms and materials.
A process used in optics by which the position and orientation of an image can be established if one knows the focal length of the lens and the position of the object. This process uses strategic rays from the object passing through the lens to locate the image. For more detail - read article on Raytracing.
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