Definitions for "Ratings"
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An evaluation of credit quality of a company's debt issue by Thomson Financial BankWatch, Moody's, S&P, and Fitch Investors Service. Investors and analysts use ratings to assess the riskness of an investment.
An evaluation of credit quality that rating agencies like Moody's, S&P, and Fitch Investors Service give to companies.
Credit categories that denote the various degrees of quality for a bond.
The broadcast industry's measure of a size of a programs's audience.
fanfic ratings are by convention based on the american cinema classification system. 'g' is for fic that middle-class people would let their children read. 'pg' starts to get slightly less suitable for the young uns, with 'pg-13' a still stronger version. 'r' is where you get the sex and drugs and violence and 'colourful language'. if you've got an 'nc-17', it's probably pornesque in places. recently, the evil corporate MPAA have felt that we shouldn't be using those because they are in no way public domain other than in the sense that they clearly are. hence a proliferation of confusing systems that make no sense to anyone.
Measurements of media audiences by a third party.
The classification of an eligible participant in Pokémon Organized Play based upon the number of points the participant earns by playing in sanctioned tournaments. A player's rating fluctuates as they win and lose matches in sanctioned tournaments. Separate ratings scores are saved for the Modified format and Unlimited constructed deck format. A single Limited rating combines the ratings points earned in Booster Draft, Sealed Deck or other Limited events. There is also an aggregate combined ratings score.
Tipsters may determine a set of ratings which reflect, in their opinion, each runner's chance of winning a particular race. They may take a number of factors into account when preparing them.
The classification of an eligible participant in Pokémon Organized Play based upon the number of points the participant earns by playing in sanctioned tournaments. A player's rating fluctuates as he or she wins and loses matches in sanctioned tournaments. Only matches played at Premier Tournaments count toward a player's rating.
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An alphanumeric jobs/skills classification system for the Navy, Naval Reserves, Coast Guard, and Coast Guard Reserves that describes the specific job to which a person in those branches of the military is trained or assigned.
In the Merchant Navy, Non-Officer crew members. They would include Deck, Engineering and Catering crew.
The designation of Other Ranks in the Royal Navy.
That is what is given on a route to judge the difficulty; technical climbers use the YDS system and the boulders use the V-Scale system. (see the rating system in OGL's section of this web site.)
Most events are rated for difficulty. A rating of 1 is the easiest and is normally flat and entirely on paved surfaces. A rating of 5 is the most difficult and often includes trails and substatial elevation gain.
Numerical (and sometimes letter) value given to a rock climb to reflect its relative difficulty.
Charity Navigator's ratings measure the overall financial health of charities. We assign every charity ratings ranging from 0- to 4-stars for its organizational efficiency, organizational capacity, and overall financial health. Our ratings indicate how well a charity meets industry-accepted standards and how well it compares with the other charities we evaluated.
The subjective scores on the reviews. Comfort refers to general ease of use, including weight, grip, pumping, etc. Power refers to range, output, and coherancy of stream. Intimidation is how well the gun is styled and fierce it appears. Shot time is how well I thought it stood up to a gun of its size's shot time. Value refers to price/performance ratio as well as durability.
In the broadcast industry, the audits of people's viewing behavior that are used to help determine where much of the money goes. "Ratings" are actually expressed in ratings and shares.
Radio, cable and broadcast television programming measure their performance via ratings.
Also called a feedback profile, it is the number of positive or negative feedbacks the seller/buyer has received from other auction site users.
Ratings are independent benchmarks for determining a company’s financial strength. (see A.M. Best & Co. and A Rated.)
Designations used to give relative indications of ability to repay principal and interest on a timely basis.
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(See Credit Rating)
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See Security Ratings.