Definitions for "Rapport"
A comfortable feeling between client and hypnotist resulting in a level of trust, resulting in greater ability to respond to suggestion.
The process of building and maintaining a relationship of mutual trust and understanding. The ability to elicit useful responses from others. Often operates at the levels of words, actions, values and beliefs.
A condition in which responsiveness has been established, often described as feeling safe or trusting, or willing.
Being in sync with another person on an unconscious level through a variety of methods. Rapport can occur naturally and is common amongst those who are getting along with each other or enjoying each other at a particular time. Rapport can be established with a similar body movement, tone of voice, breathing rate, gesture and so forth.
Conversation, congenial talk between two parties, a comfortable exchange of words between two or more people.
a synchronisation of behaviours, either unconsciously occurring, or deliberately generated, which reduces the difference between self and another at unconscious levels. Most often achieved through matching, mirroring and cross-matching. This is the pace element of Pace and Lead. The test for rapport is that when one of the people in rapport leads the other follows, this can be physical duplication of movement or movement through state change.
Rapport (literally translated as Report) is one of the two main news programmes from the Swedish television broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT).
a feeling of sympathetic understanding
sympathetic compatibility
Residence Abroad Project @ PORTsmouth
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Representational Systems Representational System Primacy Secondary Gain
Reducing someone to a state of vulnerability so that you can impress upon them the reasonableness of your ideas
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a strike price be a challenge
Relation; proportion; conformity; correspondence; accord.
an effective relation