Definitions for "Rább"
Keywords:  rabb, allah, cherisher, qur'an, lord
Lord, Master, Sustainer; from the verb, rabba, to be master, lord, possessor of, and rabbaba, to bring up, raise. The Lord is that entity which brings its subject up to its full potential. Related to it is rubûbiyyah, lordship, divinity.
Lord; the teaching or training attribute of Allah
It is usually translated into English as the Lord, which does not convey the real meaning and significance of the Arabic word. It means one who provides nourishment, to process a thing with new additions, alterations or changes so that it should reach its goal, to bring a thing gradually to perfection. One of God's Attributes means Nourisher, Cherisher and Sustainer.
Members of the cloth weaver caste, now largely non-existent. Also, a pious Muslim griot who has given up griotism to serve a marabout. Radio et Télévision du Sénégal (RTS). The national radio and television station of Senegal.