Definitions for "FANA"
Keywords:  annihilation, sufis, journey, god, baqa
Stage of "annihilation" in the journey to God, cessation of ego-awareness which may be accomplished in various degrees or at various levels or depths
fan-nah]: Stage of annihilation in the journey to God
(Arabic, Moroccan) Literally 'annihilation', often used to mean the Day of Judgement, when the universe will cease to exist. Used by Moroccan Sufis to describe ecstatic communion with Allah/Paradise
Fundacion Para la Adopcion de la Ninez Abandonada, a private orphanage in Colombia, licensed by ICBF to provide adoption services
Fana is a borough of the city of Bergen, Norway and a former municipality. Fana is the largest of the boroughs of the city Bergen in area and it has also the largest growing population with around 35,000 inhabitants. Most major industries in Fana are located in Nesttun; therefore Nesttun was the administrative centre of Fana until the munucipality was incorporated into Bergen in 1972.
Keywords:  etruscan, diana, goddess, roman, aspect
Etruscan; Roman: An aspect of the goddess Diana.
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