Definitions for "Qumran"
Keywords:  scroll, caves, khirbet, dead, ruins
The Arabic name for the site on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea where ruins (= "Khirbet") and nearby caves yielded evidence of Jewish habitation and use.
Northern Dead Sea desert plain, part of Jordan (1949- 1967); region of the eleven caves yielding Hebrew biblical, sectarian, and literary scrolls. It is the habitation site where excavations have uncovered a complex of communal structures and generated numerous artifacts; the site was founded in the second century B.C.E. and abandoned about the time of the Roman offensive of 68 C.E. when the site was destroyed.
A settlement among the cliffs at the northwest shore of the Dead Sea. The settlement is associated with the library called the Dead Sea Scrolls found in neighboring caves.
Qumran is a fictional country in the 1980s sitcoms Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister. It is an oil-rich sheikhdom in the Middle East, and is referred to as a Gulf state.