Definitions for "Galilee"
A porch or waiting room, usually at the west end of an abbey church, where the monks collected on returning from processions, where bodies were laid previous to interment, and where women were allowed to see the monks to whom they were related, or to hear divine service. Also, frequently applied to the porch of a church, as at Ely and Durham cathedrals.
Porch located at the entrance of a church.
a porch at the western end of the church used as a chapel for women or penitents. Sometimes the word refers to the entire western end of the nave.
Galilee, was one of the most successful racehorses in Australia. By Alcimedes from the mare Galston, he was purchased (and later trained) by champion trainer Bart Cummings for £3,780 in New Zealand. Galilee was the first and is still the only horse to win the Caulfield, Melbourne and Sydney Cups in one season.
Galilee is a novel by Clive Barker, published in 1998. It chronicles the rise and fall of two very different, but equally powerful dynasties.