Definitions for "PVA Glue"
Keywords:  polyvinyl, elmer, acetate, glue, stuff
The stuff you used as a kid; a.k.a. Elmer's glue. See Useful Hobby Supplies.
PVA stands for oly- inyl cetate. It is more familiar as "white glue" or (the brand name) "Elmer's Glue". As shown by its widespread use in schools, this stuff is pretty safe. Unfortunately, it is water-soluble, which can be a serious problem if it's going to be near something hot and sweaty (like a costumer).
Polyvinyl acetate adhesive; best for marquetry use because it comes in squeezy, easy-to-use containers and it is ready to use. However, waterbased PVA is not suitable for marquetries that will be left in damp conditions.