Definitions for "PTF"
Program temporary fix. Go To: Term Definition
Product temporary fix. Code changes to an IBM product in response to a problem report.
(program temporary fix) Interim program fixes offered by IBM.
Product text file. A text file that contains all the product-specific text that the POLYCENTER Software Installation utility can display during product manipulation (for example, description of options, informational text, copyright notice, and so forth).
Petroleum Trust Fund. According to BBC News, the PTF was set up in 1994 by former military ruler General Sani Abacha to provide new social amenities following riots sparked by a rise in the price of petroleum products. But correspondents say little concrete evidence exists of the more than $1 billion spent since the fund was created. The scrapping of the discredited fund in 1999 had been part of President Obasanjo's election campaign.
Powerline Telecommunications Forum
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Pakistan Tennis Federation