Definitions for "Pry"
A lever; also, leverage.
To raise or move, or attempt to raise or move, with a pry or lever; to prize.
To peep narrowly; to gaze; to inspect closely; to attempt to discover something by a scrutinizing curiosity; -- often implying reproach.
to move or force, especially in an effort to get something open; "The burglar jimmied the lock", "Raccoons managed to pry the lid off the garbage pail"
make an uninvited or presumptuous inquiry; "They pried the information out of him"
A canoeist's short, quick, powerful turning stroke. It is much preferred to the forward sweep or cross-bow draw for turning to the nonpaddle side in turbulent water.
search or inquire in a meddlesome way; "This guy is always nosing around the office"
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be nosey; "Don't pry into my personal matters!"