Definitions for "fulcrum"
A prop or support.
That by which a lever is sustained, or about which it turns in lifting or moving a body.
The connective tissue supporting the framework of the retina of the eye.
Middleware library that facilitates the development of Maya file translator plug-ins concerned with data describing polygonal meshes, animated skeletons, and materials.
Fulcrum Ful/Text is a set of C libraries supporting the development of free text retrieval systems. It is produced by Fulcrum Technologies Inc 560 Rochester St Ottawa Canada K1S5K2.
The Fulcrum is the English language student paper at the University of Ottawa.
An accessory organ such as a tendril, stipule, spine, and the like.
One of the small, spiniform scales found on the front edge of the dorsal and caudal fins of many ganoid fishes.
spine-like structure (or structures) bordering the anterior rays of the fins in some fishes
Fulcrum, An annual of poetry and aesthetics is a United States literary periodical that has been published since 2002. It is edited by Philip Nikolayev and Katia Kapovich. It appears once a year, and publishes poetry, critical and philosophical essays on poetry, debates and visual art.
The horny inferior surface of the lingua of certain insects.
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A Fulcrum is a module which is not imported by any other module. It is the root module of a tree of modules that comprise an application. In general a fulcrum imports and starts an application's transports.
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See " The Rock ."