Definitions for "Proximity "
The quality or state of being next in time, place, causation, influence, etc.; immediate nearness, either in place, blood, or alliance.
Proximity measures the closeness between two keywords.
the quality of being close, near, immediately preceding or following
Card Proximity (Prox) cards use contactless technology, (generally through a built-in antenna).
The distance between different land uses such as residential and commercial.
The distance between one search term and another, measured in the number of displayable characters.
Proximity is a cross between an HTTP proxy and a pro-active mirror. One of its primary uses is as Web application to serve as a Maven proxy on a company's intranet.
The Proximity is a general web-proxy "like" engine with configurable proxying engine. One of primary use is to serve as Maven proxy on intranet. Useful for reducing outgoing traffic , for publishing in-house and other external maven artifacts.
The frequency with which individuals come into contact. go to glossary index
A transponder/credential and reader system utilizing RFID technology in which the credential and reader contain digital state machines or microcontrollers, analog front ends and antennas to communicate without having to come into contact with one another. This technology is usually associated with 125 kHz readers, the historical standard RFID technology in access control.
The easiest way to get proximity to the people is to personally give life saving humanitarian relief supplies to poor people or having a photo taken with loads of kids. If you are a you doctor you can take a photo with a stethoscope on the chest of a sick beneficiary, to best show proximity.
(Sensing) Direct sensing of an object by its presence in front of a sensor. In photoelectric sensing, proximity mode includes diffuse, divergent, convergent, and background suppression modes.
Denotes applications in which some action is required to initiate tag identification.
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See Adjacent.
The location of people relative to one another.