Definitions for "cross-reference"
an "XRI within an XRI"
a way of syntactically encapsulated another identifier so it can be reused in a different context
As defined in the XRI Specifications, "An identifier assigned in one context that is reused in another context." Specifically an XRI cross-reference is an XRI or a URI used in the context of another XRI by enclosing it syntactically in parentheses. Cross-references enable the identification of the same abstract resource across two or more domains or applications. See the InameInumberTechFaq.
a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work.
In files management, a finding aid, such as OF 21, directing a user from one place in a file to another when a particular document must be retrievable under more than one filing feature. See also FILING FEATURE, INDEX (1).
In catalogs and indices that use a controlled vocabulary to assign subject headings, a cross-reference directs the user from a word or phrase that is not used to the correct search term(s). This is often called a see reference because the note “See:” precedes the terms you are directed to use. Another form of cross-reference is the “ See also:” reference that directs the user to closely related subject headings. See also: See also reference.
Instructions that point to related information listed under different terms. For example: BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (See: BMJ)