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words used as subject headings by a catalog or an index. Often these words are listed in a thesaurus where you can see terms for a topic before you start to use that catalog or index. The controlled vocabulary used by the OSU Libraries in Oscar is the Library of Congress Subjuect Headings.
A controlled vocabulary is a subset of a language, consisting of pre-selected words and phrases designated as index terms. In a controlled vocabulary, each subject is represented by one valid term only; and, conversely, each term represents only one subject. References are made from equivalent or synonymous terms not selected as valid index terms. Homographs are disambiguated. In addition, a controlled vocabulary contains links among hierarchically or otherwise related terms. Examples of controlled vocabularies include Library of Congress Subject Headings, Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, and Medical Subject Headings. The term "controlled vocabulary" is often used in a broad sense to include scheme-based classification data, which also manifest rigorous structures and embody relationships among concepts.
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