Definitions for "Property Sheet"
Keywords:  dialog, box, tablespace, alter, tabbed
A secondary window that displays the properties of an object when a user chooses its Properties command. Compare dialog box and property inspector. See also property page.
a dialog box used for commands, such as Create or Alter, that have many options
a dialog box used to specify options when you are creating or altering a composite instance, such as a user or tablespace
In the Visual Composition Editor, a set of name-value pairs that specify the initial appearance and other bean characteristics. A bean's property sheet can be viewed from the Properties secondary window.
a user interface that contains property editors for all the exported properties of a bean
a visual interface that provides editors for each public property defined for a bean
(Enterprise Manager Concepts Guide; search in this book)
a two-dimensional, form-like environment that displays those properties
Keywords:  columns, table, two
a table of two columns
Keywords:  modified, list, control
List of properties for the control that can be modified.
Keywords:  together, way, related, set, organizing
a way of organizing a related set of properties together