Definitions for "Processional"
Keywords:  choir, sung, acolytes, hymn, entrance
A hymn, or other selection, sung during a church procession; as, the processional was the 202d hymn.
Festive entrance parade led by the Crucifer, followed by the Acolytes, choir, Worship Leaders and clergy.
Type of unicursal Labyrinth with both an entrance and an exit on the outer boundary. This allows a sequence of people to walk through the Labyrinth, across the center if it has one, and out another location, without anybody crossing path. It also allows two people to race to the middle from both entrances.
A service book relating to ecclesiastical processions.
A book containing chants and prayers used in liturgical processions.
adj. Describes a game that tends to be very cyclical and/or monotonous. A processional game will often have little player interaction and high downtime.
Keywords:  pertaining, consisting
Of or pertaining to a procession; consisting in a procession.
of or relating to or characteristic of a procession; "in good processional order"