Definitions for "Prime Mover"
Prime Mover is a small and flexible build tool intended to be used instead of make. It is intended to be deployed with the projects that use it, and does not requires installation to use. It is modular and can be extended using the Lua scripting language
Diesel or gas engine that powers a generator in a locomotive.
A device such as an engine or water wheel that drives an electric generator.
a vehicle that is designed to tow a trailer.
A machine or energy source that provides initial kinetic energy for rotating machinery such as generators.
The tractor unit portion of an articulated vehicle.
A muscle that performs a specific action.
The muscle or muscle group that is causing the movement around a joint.
A muscle that bears the heaviest workload in a given movement pattern.
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a self-caused agent that is the cause of all things; "God is the first cause"