Definitions for "Prima donna"
The first or chief female singer in an opera.
First female lover. Usually the troupe's diva, or at least someone who can be sincere.
Italian, meaning “first lady.” The name given to the leading female singer in an opera or the principal soprano of an opera company. It did not until recently come to describe the personality of the singer, rather than the importance of her role in the opera.
A term coined by Ron Edwards in his Narrativism essay, for a Narrativist player who engages in Premise-addressing, but will not share screen time or Premise-significant decision-making time with other participants. An extremely dysfunctional subset of Narrativist play. References: Narrativism: Story Now Chris Lehrich on "Committed Passive Players"
The Actor has a reputation of being difficult to work with (well, more difficult than most actors). During the Movie, the player must spend one extra white chip than is necessary (see White Chips).