Definitions for "PRESIDE"
To guide the action of a deliberative body to a desirable result. In Journalese, to perform upon a musical instrument; as, "He presided at the piccolo." The Headliner, holding the copy in hand, Read with a solemn face: "The music was very uncommonly grand -- The best that was every provided, For our townsman Brown presided At the organ with skill and grace." The Headliner discontinued to read, And, spread the paper down On the desk, he dashed in at the top of the screed: "Great playing by President Brown." Orpheus Bowen
To be set, or to sit, in the place of authority; to occupy the place of president, chairman, moderator, director, etc.; to direct, control, and regulate, as chief officer; as, to preside at a public meeting; to preside over the senate.
To take charge of; to be in authority.
To occupy the leading position of authority, to direct an organization and members within the Church. The President of the Church presides over the entire Church.
To exercise superintendence; to watch over.
act as president; "preside over companies and corporations"
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To direct, control and govern a court.
A judge who is in charge of a court is said to "preside" over the trial or hearing. When more than one judge (as in an appeal) is asked to listen to a case, one of the judges must act as the head of the panel. He or she is called the "presiding judge".