Definitions for "PEB"
Propulsion Examining Board. Fleet CINC team responsible for certifying ship engineering readiness.
The former Public Examinations Board.
Public Examinations Board. Until 1984, the Public Examinations Board administered the examination of matriculation subjects. With the establishment of SSABSA, the Public Examinations Board ceased to exist.
Post Exposure Bake. a bake performed after exposure but prior to develop on chemically amplified photoresists. PEB aids in the exposure induced photo reaction.
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PCM expansion bus
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Payload Equipment Bay, part of the Payload Module of the Polar Platform.
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plain end beveled
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Pan European Backbone
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WP Program Editor Bottom Overflow File
Party Election Broadcast. Broadcasts made by the parties and transmitted on TV or radio. By agreement with the broadcasters, each party is allowed a certain number according to its election strength and number of candidates fielded.