Definitions for "PCH"
A file containing compiled code for a portion of a project. Subsequent builds combine this file with the uncompiled code, thus shortening the overall compile time. The default filename extension for a precompiled header file is .PCH.
Patch File or MS C PreCompiled Header
Pequena Central Hidrel├ętrica (Small Hydroelectric Power Station). Hydroelectric power station whose capacity does not exceed 30 MW.
PRESS CAMP HEADQUARTERS. A public affairs unit whose primary mission is to set up, operate and maintain news media centers at corps level and above.
Paging CHannel
The PCH is a special channel reserved within a cellular mobile phone network for paging or alerting mobile terminals to an incoming call.
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Personal Contract Hire
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Publishers Clearing House
A personal agreement for the use of a car with ownership remaining with the finance company.
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Personal Care Home