Definitions for "Patchwork "
Work composed of pieces sewed together, esp. pieces of various colors and figures; hence, anything put together of incongruous or ill-adapted parts; something irregularly or clumsily composed; a thing patched up.
a method of sewing patches of fabrics together. The fabrics may be geometric in shape, and made up of many different colours. Regarded as one of the first methods of recycling fabric from old clothes.
Designer fabric is stretched over ceramic figurines, then coated with twelve layers of lacquer. Each application of lacquer is hand-polished, for a rich shine and an ultra-smooth finished texture. The texture of the fabric can only be "seen", not "felt", because of the twelve layers of lacquer covering them. Patchwork vases are decorative only and do not hold water.
A collection of tools and frameworks for building large and complex web applications. The focus is on maintainability and reusability. Currently there is an Ant based buildsystem and a web presentation framework based on JSF and Cocoon.
a feature rich tool to create and compile a seamless photo montage which can be used to tile or border the background of your home page, Desktop, CD-covers or for many other uses
PatchWork is a Web-based patch tracking system designed to facilitate the contribution and management of contributions to an open-source project. Patches that have been sent to a mailing list are 'caught' by the system and appear on a Web page. Any comments posted that reference the patch are appended to the patch page.