Definitions for "pacifist"
A person opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes.
Adhering to pacifism; opposed to war; -- of people.
someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes
a person who believes in peace, a noncombatant (pac- means peace or calm)
a person who can go to a peace meeting and not get in a fight
a person who looks for peaceful resolution to problems rather than declaring that there is no solution but to kill people in retaliation
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a person who is attacked but turns the other cheek
One who, when kicked in the rear, turns the other cheek.
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Pacifists Pacing
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a passive ally of the enemy
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see clenched fist.
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A person whose strong belief in pacifism causes him/her to refuse to participate in military activities, especially one who refuses to be drafted into the armed forces.