Definitions for "Oxidizer"
Oxidizer is a Recursive Fractal Flame render for OSX. It is designed to be compatible with the flam3 suite and the Electric Sheep screen saver allowing the user to render flames and sheep along with the interactive creation of original flames.
An agent employed in oxidation, or which facilitates or brings about combination with oxygen; as, nitric acid, chlorine, bromine, etc., are strong oxidizers.
A non-chlorine shocking compound that removes or destroys built-up contaminants and chloramines in pool water without raising chlorine levels as required when "superchlorinating."
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Oxidizer is an album by industrial rock band Chemlab.
An agent that causes oxidation. This compound removes built-up contaminants in hot tub water.
An agent that works to eliminate organic compounds from pool water.
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Combines with carbon to form carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. The oxidizers attack all forms of carbon including the seal face and any black O-rings in the system.
a substance that oxidizes another substance
a substance that gains electrons thereby facilitating the loss of electrons (reduction)