Definitions for "Outliner"
a software tool that allows you to capture your thoughts or ideas quickly and transparently into a text centered hierarchy, often displayed in tree-like structure of trunk sub-set branches. This tool is more often used by people who think hierarchically or textually rather than visually. The later group might use a mind mapping software instead, however these tools might be complementary rather than mutually exclusive to some (see definition of mind mapping software)
an application that allows you to store notes in a hierarchical fashion
an application you use to help you organize items of information into a structured or cascading hierarchy that visually shows you the relationships and logical connections between items
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a lot like a Smalltalk Inspector, in that it shows you a single object, but it's different because it lets you see and edit the method slots and data slots of that object
A program for creating an outline of a topic. An outliner could work by having a person work from partial outlines that are progressively detailed. It could also work by transforming some other representation (such as a graph representing a partial or complete ordering) and emitting an outline.
A software program that will assist the user in producing an outline. (WP, Gr. 6)