Definitions for "opportunistic"
taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit; practising opportunism.
Causing disease only when the immune system of the host has been weakened, or other damage to the host provides special opportunity for invasion; -- of microorganisms or infectious diseases; as, opportunistic pathogens may infect a burn site; AIDS predisposes a patient to opportunistic infection.
Describes an infection in patients with a depressed immune system by an organism that does not normally cause disease
managers employ a variety of approaches for capital appreciation and they "opportunistically" move to asset classes or strategies that give what they feel are the best possible returns
An investment strategy that seeks to profit from pricing discrepancies resulting from corporate "event" transactions, such as mergers & acquisitions or bankruptcies. See also Event Driven.
Rather than consistently selecting securities according to the same strategy, the manager's investment approach changes over time to better take advantage of current market conditions and investment opportunities. Characteristics of the portfolio, such as asset classes, market capitalization, etc., are likely to vary significantly from time to time. The manager may also employ a combination of different approaches at a given time.
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Nonselective in feeding.
(Best Shots) -- Take whatever is open. The best way to win a round. Also ok for tiring an opponent, stunning him, or getting a KO. Fighting Styles In each round, each fighter may choose any of a number of "fighting styles".
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as chance dictates, on occasion
can be easily adjusted to the availability of food