Definitions for "Onsen"
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own-senn) hot springs
hot springs bath. Heaven. Absolute heaven. Communal bathing under the stars in a mineral-rich hot springs bath is one of life's great pleasures. Of course, prudish types have steadily tried to ruin the tradition, and now most onsen have separate baths for men and women. But we're old enough to remember the good old days -- half a dozen men and women soaking in a tiny outdoor bath in the hills of Fukushima watching the snow fall and passing a bottle of sake. Perfect ... until someone who had watched "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" one too many times releases the main course from dinner -- roasted Pacific saury -- into the bath. Shrieks, bedlam, naked people running everywhere. Ahh the memories
a Japanese hot-springs resort.
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an alien thing to someone from the UK
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a very good place to go if when you visit Japan