Definitions for "Omnibus"
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A sheet-iron cover for articles in a leer or annealing arch, to protect them from drafts.
Usually refers to a various artists compilation cd. Generally, an omnibus is an anthology of some sort.
an anthology of articles on a related subject or an anthology of the works of a single author
A long vehicle, having seats for many people; a bus.
A type of survey (done regularly by most large market research companies) on which organizations can place a few specific questions. It's like a bus, on which a lot of people can travel at once.
Surveys conducted regularly by a research agency, but which can be sponsored by a number of clients who do not share the same data but who buy access to a survey and questions to meet their individual needs. A multi client survey run regularly among samples that are nationally representative of the general public. - more
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Pertaining to or dealing with a variety of topics at one time; as, omnibus legislation; an omnibus budget bill.
(OHM-nee-boos) Latin: of all; for all (used with Congressional bills)
a term used to describe tax, education, appropriations, and other bills that contain many different proposals.
a collection of books
a book issued quarterly by USEA announcing all recognized competitions, dates and information for entries.
A volume containing collected and reprinted works of a single author or on a single theme.
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providing for many things at once; "an omnibus law"