Definitions for "ogdoad"
A thing made up of eight parts.
(Pronounced ‘Og-doh-ad'.) Group of eight primeval deities worshipped at Hermopolis.
A group of eight deities. There were four frog gods and four snake goddesses who represent the pre-creation chaotic elements of water, hiddenness, infinity, and darkness.
This is the "eighth" kingdom above the hebdomas (7). It is the realm of the Demiurgos (or sometimes that is the 7th, with the eighth being that of Sabaoth), as well as usually being the realm of the zodiac ( dodecon). Sometimes it is also seen as the beginning of freedom from the Archons, and the beginning of connection to the Aeons.
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the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one
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Opening of the Mouth ritual