Definitions for "Octagon"
Keywords:  polygon, eight, gemetric, angles, plane
A plane figure of eight sides and eight angles.
Any structure (as a fortification) or place with eight sides or angles.
Octagon style homes, fitting to their name, have eight outside walls. They are a hybrid mixture, and not a true "style" in themselves. They often contain architectural elements from both the Greek Revival and the Italianate styles.
U.S.-British conference at Quebec, September 1944
Code name for the second Quebec conference between Roosevelt and Churchill - September 1944
Keywords:  bathory, requiem, retro, thrash, worst
Octagon is the eighth album by Bathory. It continues the retro-thrash metal style of the previous album, Requiem. Many consider it their worst effort to date.
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(8 directions - Rose of Winds - Architecture - Ely's EYE)
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a two-dimensional shape that has