Definitions for "Obsidian "
A kind of glass produced by volcanoes. It is usually of a black color, and opaque, except in thin splinters.
A glassy igneous rock with a composition similar to granite. The glassy texture is a result of cooling so fast that mineral lattices were not developed.
It is a term for glassy phase of lava.
Obsidian is a fictional character who has been both a superhero and supervillain in the DC Comics universe.
Obsidian is the name given to several fictional characters in the Transformers universes.
Obsidian is an extensible virtual world system with a fullblown multiplayer client-server architecture. It is not a VRML2 world system, though there are plans to include VRML2 as a world data format. Note that active development on this system stopped a while ago, though the code is still available for the curious. The code may not even compile on current Linux or Irix systems.
The character gains the ability of escape detection as the power. The crystal master can voluntarily deactivate or reactivate this ability by expending psionic focus. (Level restriction: 8th.)
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Obsidian was a 1996 computer game created by Rocket Science Games for Mac OS and Windows platforms.