Definitions for "Obadiah"
One of the twelve minor prophets, he composed a vengeful oracle against Edom, a long-standing enemy of Israel, sometime during the fifth century BCE.
(oh-VAHD-yah) n. Obadiah; Shortest of the prophetic books in the Neviim of the Tanakh. Ovadyah means “servant of Adonai.
a Hebrew minor prophet
Obadiah (Heb. עבדיה) was the name of a Khazar ruler of the late eighth or early ninth century. He is described as coming from among "the sons of the sons of Bulan, but whether this should be taken literally to mean that he was Bulan's grandson, or figuratively to imply a more remote descent, is unclear. A religious reformer, he encouraged the migration of Jews to Khazaria, built yeshivot, and promoted Rabbinic beliefs.