Definitions for "Nixies"
Mail that is determined to be undeliverable by the USPS.
Direct mail pieces returned by the Postal Service as undeliverable.
Returned undelivered mail for whatever reason.
German water spirits which haunt large stretches of water. Legends state that they appear in the form of a human body with a fish's tail, not unlike mythological mermaids and mermen, although it has the ability to assume any shape it so desires. Traditions state that the nixies attempt to avoid human contact, although some legends state that they require one human sacrifice per year. If this requirement is not met, the spirits will lure an unsuspecting soul into the water to be drowned. A common superstition attributed to this spirit classification was that any child born with an abnormally large head was the result of a nixie disguising itself as a human being to copulate with a human female.
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Is another term for goneaways
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A US term for “gone-aways